Kemp Mill Urban Park – Playground Options

Montgomery Parks will be presenting several options for updates to the 2 to 5 year old children’s play area at Kemp Mill Urban Park at the December, 2020 KMCA meeting. Below are descriptions and concept drawings for each option.

  • Option 1:    Remove the existing panels.  The playhouse would remain in its present location.  Add a spring toy at the opposite end of the area and add 3 seating pods in the middle where the existing panels are located.  The seating pods can be used as seating or as stepping “stones”.
Kemp Mill Concept 1 Drawing 02-10
  • Option 2:   The existing house and one of the existing panels to remain.  Add a cluster of seating pods at the end of the area closest to the shopping center.
Kemp Mill Concept 2 Drawing 02-10
  • Option 3:  Remove the existing panels.  Relocate the house to the opposite end of the area near the shopping center.  Add a spin cup where the house is currently located.  A child sits in the spin cup which is enclosed and then it is spun with the help of a parent or another child.  A different interactive panel would replace the existing ones in the middle. 
Kemp Mill Concept 3 Drawing 02-10
  • Option 4:  Remove the existing panels.  Leave the house where is it and add a line of seating pods in the middle.  At the lower end, add a spin cup at the lower end of the site near the shopping center. 
Concept #4 Drawing 05-26