Presentation from WSSC Informational Meeting on Sewer Project

WSSC recently held a community meeting to provide information on their upcoming project to replace and rehabilitate sewers in the Northwest Branch and Paint Branch basins.

Streets included in the project in Kemp Mill include: Arcola Ave, Auth Ln, Belgrade Rd, Bluff Ter, Bromley St, Claybrook Dr, Clintwood Dr, Clintwood Pl, Cloverhill Dr, Conti Pl,, Fairoak Dr, Fillmore Dr, Fulham St, Hillsboro Dr, Horton Dr, Hoyt St, Kemp Mill Rd, Kenbrook Dr, Kersey Rd, Lamberton Dr, Lovejoy St, Monticello Ave, Rockbridge Rd, Stonington Pl, Watermill Ln, Yeatman Pkwy, and Yeatman Ter. (See the map on page 8.)

You can download a PDF version of their presentation here or view it below.

If you would like more information please refer to the contacts list on page 2.

WSSC Community Outreach Mtg - NWB & PB

Schedule for road repaving between Hermleigh and Lamberton, and specific exceptions

It’s really been the season for road repaving equipment.


1. From about June 12-30, 3 weeks, all the roads between Hermleigh and Lamberton were milled, or ground down.
2. For the 3 weeks, from July 10-28, all the roads between Hermleigh and Lamberton will be repaved with the top layer from curb to curb.


Some of the milled streets are very difficult for people with walkers to use when street has no sidewalks. The County’s Dept. of Transportation has graciously agreed to repave these areas first, for people’s safety. In these and similar cases, to arrange for faster repaving, please contact Nick Boone, the Department’s On-Site Inspector, cell: 240-821-7133, office: 240-777-7648, His supervisor is DOT’s Pavement Management Section Chief is Randy Paugh, 240-777-7608, Cell: 240-821-7242,


For the next month, WSSC will continue to replace water pipes, using heavy road equipment in Kemp Mill south of Lamberton, i.e., Kenbrook Dr. and Ct., Bybee St. and Ct., Northwood Terr., Conti Pl. and Ct., and Monticello Ave. This work should not block anyone from pulling their car out of or into their driveway. Please ask the crew, if there seems to be a problem, and they can immediately cover the work with a steel plate, allowing your car to drive over the work. Please call WSSC’s onsite inspector, Justin Watson, 202-738-2151 (cell),, Mon.-Fri. 7am-3:30pm, or his supervisor, Michael Ballantyne, (240) 508-3253 (cell),, if there are any problems with this


Some roadwork equipment may be left overnight, parked on the curb. If you would like it removed, please contact Mr. Watson or Mr. Ballantyne, contact info above.


Temporary exposed PVC pipes are being used in places to carry water; if one of these breaks, please immediately call the WSSC Control Room at 301-206-8222.


In approximately a month, streets south of Lamberton, where WSSC has done pipe replacements, will be milled and repaved, curb to curb. A schedule will be publicized shortly. The streets are listed and mapped below.

North and South Belgrade, N. Belgrade Ct., Winona Ct., Hillsoboro Dr., Healy St., Kenbrook Dr., Northwood Terr., Bybee St. and Ct., Conti Pl. and Ct., Hoyt St., Kenbrook Dr. and Ct., Monticello Ave., Bybee St. and Ct.

Road Repaving in Kemp Mill

Many roads are currently being repaved by WSSC and Montgomery County’s Dept. of Transportation throughout Kemp Mill.

WSSC: All the repaving that WSSC is doing should be from curb to curb, after initially patching up holes in the street made during the replacement of pipes. Most, if not all, of the work now seems to be south of Lamberton. Contact Mike Ballantyne, WSSC’s on-site Construction Inspector with any questions or problems: cell: 240-508-3253, office: 301-206-7363, fax: 301-206-7963,

Dept. of Transportation (MCDOT) Repaving: All roads in Kemp Mill between Lamberton and Hermleigh, east of Arcola and Kemp Mill Road are being repaved this year (see blue roads on attached map). Although the County began by trying to patch up certain sections of road, and completely redo others, MCDOT made the redetermination that it was more suitable for all of the existing roads to be completely milled and resurfaced as opposed to patched, with full width/depth Hot Mix Asphalt.

The Department has been informed of Jewish holidays, and the impossibility
of posting new parking restrictions during those periods when many
residents will be unable to move their cars. I have asked MCDOT to post
signs at the *beginning* of streets warning drivers away
from entering streets where equipment will block cars from driving all the
way through. I have also asked them to give the community a schedule of
the work, and when it will be completed.

For problems and questions, please contact Nick Boone, the Dept.’s on-site
Inspector, cell: 240-821-7133, office: 240-777-7648, DOT’s Pavement Management Section Chief is Randy Paugh, 240-777-7608, Cell: 240-821-7242,