County Tech Support Resources for Seniors – August 2020


Montgomery County is offering free tech support appointments for seniors age 60 and older in August 2020. Senior Planet Covid Corps members are specially trained tech support workers who can provide help with computers, tablets, cell phones, printers, email, using the Internet, downloading and using apps, and more. Free 30-minute appointments from August 3 to August 28, 2020 are being offered in six time slots between 10am and 2:30pm. Appointments are available by phone or video call in English, Spanish, Chinese, Amharic, French, Portuguese, Farsi, Hindi, Nepali, Krio, Tigrinya, Malayalam, and Russian. Senior Planet Covid Corps is also offering help to low income families to sign up for low cost home Internet service offered by Comcast, RCN and Verizon. To request an appointment, go to or call 311.

If you would like to receive updates about future free Senior Planet Montgomery programs that Montgomery County provides online for older adults, please send an email to or sign up for the weekly newsletter at Senior Planet Covid Corps is a collaborative program supported by the Montgomery County Department of Technology Services, Department of Recreation, Senior Planet Montgomery and MontgomeryConnects!   

Tech Flyer Double Sided Low Cost Internet Flyer

Fall Garden Cleanup at Lamberton Drive Median

A few volunteers spent three hours last Friday cleaning up the garden around the Welcome to Kemp Mill Estates sign on Lamberton Drive.

Thanks to Pete Lublin (Chair of the Neighborhood Beautification committee), Liisa Silverstone, and Yosef Hakim for their work.  If you’d like to help Pete with future efforts please contact him at

Front of sign
Back of sign




Phone Scam Warning

Some Kemp Mill residents have recently received scam phones calls from callers claiming to be with the Montgomery County Sheriffs Office who threaten to arrest the person receiving the call if they don’t immediately send money. This fraud scheme and others like it has been going on for several years.

In their press release (linked below) the Sheriff requests “If you have received a scam phone call from someone claiming to be a Montgomery County Deputy Sheriff who is going to arrest you unless you immediately send money, contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 240-777-7000. Please save any recorded messages, record the date and time of the phone call, the purported name of the caller, the call back number, and their phone number as displayed on caller ID.”

This link is to a PDF of the Montgomery County Sheriffs Office press release dated April 2, 2014:

This link to the Sheriffs Office web site gives additional information:

This article from February 2016 in Bethesda Magazine gives more details.


Leaf Collection Schedule for Kemp Mill

Leaf Collection Schedule for the 3 Districts of Kemp Mill:


From Montgomery County Department of Transportation

District 14F: Lamberton and south: e.g., Hyde, Hillsboro, N. and S. Belgrade, Charlton, Gilsan, Sisson, etc.

1st Pickup: Nov. 16-?
2nd Pickup: Dec. 1- (planned)


District 14G: Lamberton and North, e.g., Kemp Mill Road, Annmore, Clintwood, Hermleigh, Kersey, Stonington, Kemp Mill Forest, Somersworth, etc.

1st Pickup: Nov. 18-?
Dec. 2- (planned)


District 10E: East of Arcola: Kersey, Heather Crest Ln., Daffodil Lane

1st Pickup: Nov. 15-16
2nd Pickup: Nov. 30 (planned)

Montgomery County Council Resolution 18-673

Dear Kemp Millers,

On Tuesday, 11-15-16, the Montgomery County Council passed Resolution 18-673, titled, “Reaffirming Community Safety and Trust and Denouncing Anti-Immigrant Activity, Racial Bias and Discrimination, Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Hate Speech, Hate Crimes, and Harassment in Montgomery County.” See the text of the resolution here:

County Executive Isiah (Ike) Leggett has urged residents to come to Silver Spring’s Veterans Plaza on Sunday November 20 at 2:30 p.m. to rally behind the values represented in the County Council resolution. To see the flyer, go here:

The above statements are distributed as Montgomery County announcements. The Kemp Mill Civic Association does not advocate partisan political positions or participation. None of the 3 list serves above allow any political argument or advocacy, due to past excesses and subscribers’ wishes. Please do not send (even remotely) political responses to this email. Thank you.


Ira Ungar
President, Kemp Mill Civic Association
202-361-4167 cell
301-649-6517 home

Storm Update – 1/24/16 – 4:30 PM


Montgomery County Winter Storm 2016
Update: 4:30 PM, Sunday, January 24. A Message

A Message from Montgomery County Public Information Office

  • Montgomery County government & facilities will be closed on Monday, January 25.
  • No trash & recycling pickup on Monday. Residents should NOT take their items to the curb.
  • Montgomery County Public Schools will not be in session Monday, January 25 and Tuesday, January 26.
  • Ride On bus service will not be operating on Monday, January 25.
  • Free parking in County garages and parking lots is extended until Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 9 a.m.
  • All County liquor stores will be closed on Monday, January 25.
  • Historic snowfall of nearly 3 feet means that clearance of roads includes not only plowing but also hauling away record amounts of snow.
  • Challenges: in many places snow cannot just be pushed to the side, but must be hauled out. Below freezing temperatures mean even cleared roads ice overnight.
  • County crews continue to work 24/7.
  • Priority: first clear 1000 lane miles of emergency and primary roads. Only after that is finished are plows and trucks into the neighborhoods.
  • Next: clear 4000 lane miles of neighborhood roads. Initial object: to make them passable, not bare pavement. Then come follow-up runs to complete the work.
  • The County urges Montgomery County residents to clear snow from sidewalks in front of their homes as is possible. Any enforcement for now of sidewalk snow removal will be reasonable and follow common sense.
  • For public safety, clear snow in a three-foot radiance from fire hydrants.
  • Parking lot managers for commercial and residential parking lots are urged not to block disability parking spaces during their snow removal efforts.
  • Bottom line: be assured we continue to work as hard as possible but recovery will be a MULTI day event.
  • Continue to stay at home. Stay off the roads so we can get the job done and public safety and emergency personnel can reach those in critical need.
  • The County’s 311 Call Center is open 24/7 for the storm. Call 311 or 240-777-0311.