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The Kemp Mill Civic Association Mailing List is

To subscribe send an email to: You should immediately receive a  message from the list to confirm that you are the one who submitted the request. Reply to that message to confirm the request.

To unsubscribe send an email to:


KMCA Electronic Bulletin Board (BB) Recommended Guidelines for Use

Guidelines for Posters
● Posters should do their best to describe their email in the subject line (for example,“Furniture for sale”, “recommendation sought for roofer”, “Would like to hear about experiences with solar panels”)
● All messages posted to the BB should be “signed” (that is come from an identifiable individual with a valid email address).
● When seeking input from other members of the BB, include information on how they can best respond directly to you (that is, your email or phone number)
● When responding to requests for information, the default should be to respond directly to the requestor rather than the entire BB.
● Posters should notify the BB when their initial notifications are no longer relevant (for example, “furniture has been sold”, “No longer need more recommendations”)
● Please do not post other people’s phone numbers, addresses, or other personal information without their consent.
● Messages about non-Kemp Mill topics should include “OT” or “Of Topic” in their subject lines
● The BB should not be used for promotion of businesses (except as responses to inquiries seeking recommendations)
● The BB should not be used to promote candidates for public office or political positions
● Personal attacks, ridicule, harsh/uncivil language, or profanity are not allowed.
● Posters who continue to abrogate any of these guidelines will be blocked

Moderator Responsibilities
● Serves as recipient for any complaints/concerns about postings
● Uses the “Guidelines for Posters” to determine whether complaint is supported.
● If supported, contacts poster and explains what was wrong with the post.
● If deemed beneficial to future operations of the BB, writes a post that explains what happened (without identifying parties)
● If offending party persists (refuses to change behavior after 2 warnings), notifies Board of Directors and, with its approval, blocks him/her from participation on the BB for a one year period.

If you believe that a post sent to the list violates the guidelines please forward the message to