Next KMCA General Meeting – June 27, 2022@ 7:30 PM

The next KMCA general meeting will be held on Monday, June 27th, 2022 at 7:30 PM. We will be meeting in-person but outdoors under the tent at the Chabad synagogue at the intersection of Lamberton Drive and Lovejoy Street. The agenda is below.

We will be having a presentation and question and answer session with the Montgomery County Police 4th District Community Services Officer. If you have questions about specific incidents or topics that you plan to ask, please send them to me prior to the meeting at and I will pass them on to Officer Beard so she can research the incidents or issues in advance and be better able to address them.

In the event of severe weather on the 27th, please check the website and your email prior to coming to the meeting to confirm the meeting hasn’t been postponed.

Kemp Mill Civic Association
General Meeting
June 27th, 2022


7:30 PM
– Call to Order
– Adoption of Agenda
– Approval of minutes of previous meeting
– Treasurer’s report (membership / balances)

– Guest Speaker – Montgomery County Police 4th District
– Officer Katie Beard, Community Services Officer

– KMCA Annual Election
– Presentation of nominees by Nominating Committee
– Nominees are:
– Vice President – Jonathan Aghion
– Treasurer – Anna Waller
– Directors – Gil Chlewicki, Chris Farrell, Maria Lopez
– Additional nominations from the floor
– Candidate introductions/speeches (up to 2 minutes each)
– Voting

– Committee Reports

– New Business / Announcements

– Adjourn