Deer, Deer Ticks, and Lyme disease

What you can do about Deer Ticks, Deer, and the potential of Lyme disease

 Unfortunately, people in Kemp Mill are continuing to contract Lyme disease from deer ticks. The ticks are hard to spot, and the infection is hard to diagnose, and potentially difficult to treat. Kemp Mill has one of the highest concentrations of deer, which correlates with a higher incidence of Lyme disease and car accidents. The Civic Association is continuing to explore ways to reduce the local deer population, including taking advantage of relaxed restrictions on County-regulated bow-and-arrow hunting. In the meantime, you can protect yourselves through some of the following means:



Damminix tick tubes

You can buy them on the website:

Put them in the ground on your property, and they reduce the risk of Lyme disease by using mice that burrow underground as “couriers” to kill disease carrying deer ticks.



Permethrin spray

You can buy them on the website:

There are good prices on this website for this effective repellant spray that is hard to find in local stores to use on clothes against deer ticks. This article evaluates Permethrin as repellent to deer ticks:




Deerbusters Fencing

Order from their warehouse in Frederick, MD:


They sell a variety of plastic fences in 7.5- to 8-foot heights that are much more heavy-duty than anything available at retail stores.  The distributors are also very knowledgeable about installing, and will offer advice over the phone.  The plastic mesh fencing is the only type allowed by county regulations to be over 6.5 feet tall.


Ira Ungar

President, Kemp Mill Civic Association