Reminder-tick tubes event Tuesday and Thursday night. Free for those who cannot afford it7

Reminder: the KMCA is making Tick Tubes 8 pm on Tuesday August 29th and 8 pm, August 31st at Young Israel Shomrai Emunah (1132 Arcola, at the entrance of the Kemp Mill Shopping Center). You only need to attend one session.

Tick tubes are the most effective when used in the early and late summer over a 1-acre area, so bring your neighbors.

The cost is $10 at the door but will be free for those who cannot afford it. You will leave with 24 tick tubes and instructions on how to make more yourself. 24 tubes treat 1/2 acre until the next mouse nesting season in the early summer.

Come to also learn what you can do to make your property less attractive to mice, deer and ticks and hear an update on how Montgomery Parks and the KMCA are addressing the deer overpopulation.

Bring all those toilet paper rolls you’ve been saving!


Jonathan Aghion

Chairman, Deer Committee

Kemp Mill Civic Association