Tick Tubes

KMCA is in the early stages of planning a Make Your Own Tick Tube Session for members. Tick tubes are the most effective way to reduce the number of ticks on your property making it safer for outdoor activity. Ticks can transit Lyme disease. Tick tubes are cotton balls soaked in Permethrin stuffed inside a toilet paper roll. Mice take the soft cotton balls back to their nests while the Permethrin kills the ticks but does not harm the mice. Buying pre-made tick tubes costs $80 but the KMCA is buying the materials and offering this event (led by an instructor) at a subsidized rate ($20 or less…TBD). You will leave with 24 tick tubes and instructions on how to make more yourself.

Start saving your toilet paper and paper towel rolls to help bring down the cost of the event.

Jonathan Aghion

Chairman, Deer Committee
Kemp Mill Civic Association