Leaf Collection Schedule for Kemp Mill

Leaf Collection ScheduleĀ for the 3 Districts of Kemp Mill:

Map: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8m5u1q4s7968ydb/3.pdf?dl=0

From Montgomery County Department of Transportation

District 14F: Lamberton and south: e.g., Hyde, Hillsboro, N. and S. Belgrade, Charlton, Gilsan, Sisson, etc.

1st Pickup: Nov. 16-?
2nd Pickup: Dec. 1- (planned)


District 14G: Lamberton and North, e.g., Kemp Mill Road, Annmore, Clintwood, Hermleigh, Kersey, Stonington, Kemp Mill Forest, Somersworth, etc.

1st Pickup: Nov. 18-?
Dec. 2- (planned)


District 10E: East of Arcola: Kersey, Heather Crest Ln., Daffodil Lane

1st Pickup: Nov. 15-16
2nd Pickup: Nov. 30 (planned)