Transportation Committee Meeting with County Planning Dept. – Monday March 5th

The KMCA Transportation Committee is pleased to announce that we will have a special meeting on Monday, March 5th from 7-8 PM at the Kemp Mill Elementary School for a presentation and discussion with the Montgomery County Planning Department on the proposed County Bicycle Master Plan. David Anspacher, who is the Supervisor for the Functional Planning and Policy Division within the Montgomery County Planning Department, will be joining us for this hour-long meeting. David will spend the first 10-15 minutes presenting on what the Bicycle Master Plan is and then spend the rest of the session taking questions and comments from members of our community. Items up for discussion could include:

  • Internal neighborhood connections for bikes and pedestrians
  • Possible bicycle facilities along Arcola Ave and Kemp Mill Road
  • Bicycle network for commuting from Kemp Mill to other destinations
  • Bicycle parking
  • Stations for renting bicycles within Kemp Mill
  • Bicycle traffic along Lamberton
  • Surrounding trail system
  • Safety concerns regarding cyclists
  • Anything else that might interest you

This meeting is open to the whole community. Please invite all your neighbors that may have an interest in this meeting to join us. The more participation and input we get at this meeting, the more we can improve Kemp Mill to be a more friendly environment for bicycles and pedestrians.

Gil Chlewicki
KMCA Transportation Committee Chair