Notice of appointment of KMCA Nominating Committee

A Kemp Mill Civic Association nominating committee has been appointed by the president, as provided for in the association’s by-laws.

Nominating committee members are:
Stuart Rosenthal, chair —; 301-754-0470
Art Boyars, vice-chair —; 301-919-5974
Sterling King —; 301-649-6266

The committee’s duty is to produce a list of duly nominated candidates to fill expiring terms on the board. The terms of all current officers are expiring, as are those of directors elected in odd-number years.

Therefore, the following KMCA offices are to be filled by this election:
President (incumbent Ira Ungar)
Vice President (incumbent Seth Jacobson)
Treasurer (incumbent Marci Lavine Bloch)
Secretary (incumbent Adam Mervis)
Director (incumbent Pete Lublin)
Director (incumbent resigned)

The Nominating Committee will be accepting nominations for these board positions for the next few weeks. The election meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 6, 2017.

No later than 10 days before the election meeting, the nominating committee will, in accordance with the by-laws, email all KMCA members a list of nominees who have been nominated by at least two members of the association, and have indicated in writing their willingness to serve on the board.  Nominations may also be made at the election meeting.

The Nominating Committee requests that nominations be submitted to the chair or vice-chair by August 1.

Thank you,
Stuart Rosenthal, Chair