Please Don’t Park Blocking The Sidewalk

The KMCA recently received the below message from a member.  The member wrote about an issue on Lamberton Drive, but the same applies throughout the neighborhood where there are sidewalks.  Please do not park your car blocking the sidewalk.  It is discourteous and could lead to receiving a parking ticket.

For those who live on Lamberton Drive – please be mindful of our Kemp Mill neighbors who live in our neighborhood and use a wheelchair to get around.  I have a friend who lives all the way at the end of Lamberton. Daily she  travels by wheelchair from the bottom of Lamberton all the way up to Arcola to catch a bus. She makes that same trip every night to go back home.  Last night in the pouring rain she got stuck near someones driveway because they had blocked the sidewalk path with their car.  She was afraid to manipulate the wheelchair around the car because it would involve her “driving” in the grass. She was worried that the chair might tip over.

Please make sure to leave the sidewalks clear of parked cars so that our neighbors can make their way home.

Thank you.